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Anupam Daftuar

Designation: Director of Invision Communications & Research Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Anupam Daftuar is Director of Invision Communications & Research Pvt. Ltd. she provides content and communication solutions for a diverse set of clients over a large number of areas ranging from governance-related issues to those relating to core business activities. Blessed with the ability of commercial nuances to spot opportunities and influence key stakeholder she has been able to lead change within the business and run the business with its research principles at its core but achieving its commercial targets. She specializes in giving ideas for Proposal Drafting, Planning, and collection of responses. She possesses excellent communication and operates collaboratively with his team members to achieve a common goal. Her style of working is highly motivational to his team members. Her rich experience and efforts have helped Invision Communications & Research Pvt. Ltd. establish as a reliable name and renowned brand. She believes in fostering a democratic culture within teams wherein everyone has the freedom to express their opinions in the spirit of promoting healthy discussion before taking strategic decisions.

She possesses degree in M. Phil Political Science, Delhi University, 1992; M.A. Political Science, Delhi University, 1990. She is the Associate Member of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA).She is self-motivated with Strong leadership skills strengthen management teams in order to maximize company’s profitability and efficiency. She is a motivated team player hardworking, adaptable, polite and positive, confident, optimistic & has a clear focus on high quality and business profit and ensures continuous upward curve and reputation in the market. She is highly analytical decision-maker with extensive experience in building and operating company, along with increasing productivity and turning around difficult situations.

Mrs. Anupam Daftuar is also the director of Focal Point Media Services Pvt. Ltd which publishes a monthly magazine “Energy Next” supported by IREDA, a Public Limited Government Financial Institution under the administrative control of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), covers all major events, issues and trends in the RE sector, with an editorial presence in all major metropolitan cities in India. magazine has demonstrated excellent leadership and communication skills that have helped the magazine to scale new heights. She established sustainable and profitable relationships with government, corporate, civil society groups and stakeholders. Heads the HR and Content team to provide the entire gamut of issues ranging from core business to socio-economic variables to get a complete picture of the market and serve as a platform for the industry. She makes sure that Energy Next reaches a complete and exhaustive list of eminent and important RE sector policy makers, manufacturers, service providers and investors to provide a unique platform for RE stakeholders to share ideas and communicate with each other. Over the last five years, Energy Next has established itself as one the most credible and trusted trade magazine concentrating on the Renewable Energy (RE) sector in India.

As Associate Dean of MG School of Communications Management (1998-2006), she chose to work in the field of Media and Communications and endeavoured to provide the best professional education in this field. She has the experience of working on this project right from the inception to Planning, Tie-ups, till the execution. She has guided and supervised various Evaluation & Training programmes, and Research Activities of the School. Curriculum development: As member of the Curriculum Designing Committee for the school of communications management and communications development programmes (CDP).

She was Research Associate at Audio Visual Ads Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata (1994-1997) responsible for Technical and Execution of the Projects that are processed by the company. She specializes in giving ideas for their making. Apart from the descriptive part she also looks after the aesthetic part of the proposals. Being a keen observer she always participates in business development ideas meeting.

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